Your Guide to Wedding Calligraphy

Handwritten calligraphy will have a massive impact on the overall mood of the wedding. The special day in your life needs to keep all the elements together to raise the excitement to a whole new level. Everything has a crucial role in setting up the perfect milieu for the day’s events. Your responsibilities begin right from the invitation envelopes, and they keep piling up until the exhausting day of joyous moments is done with. As we mentioned earlier, handwritten calligraphy imparts a special element of elegance and luxury to the cards and every form of paper used for weddings. If you have been searching for the best papers to buy for your wedding, you need to get started by learning the basic needs for the event. Here are some of the details you must keep in mind when considering and going ahead with wedding calligraphy.

Where You Should Use It

Calligraphy is usually reserved for the outer and inner invitations, but you can also use it on the menu cards, favor tags, and escort cards. Since it is hard to read and expensive to incorporate, calligraphy is recommended for the entire invitation card. Adding it to highlight the most important items and names will make your card rather interesting and appealing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike the forms of printing, calligraphy takes more time for completion. It simply indicates that the fee involved is also quite high. If you can afford the time and money, you can always go for calligraphy. It would cost you anywhere around $2 to $5 per envelope. The turnaround time, style, ink colors, and type of paper are factors calligraphers keep in mind when they list down the available prices.

Different Forms of Calligraphy

Addressing the envelopes by hand is the ideal option, but if you don’t find it comfortable, printed calligraphy can also be opted for. Many fonts can be downloaded and printed onto the envelopes without costing you much. The same font used on your invitations can also be used in print, which can be selected by consulting the stationer. If you are on a budget, printed calligraphy would be the best option.

How Much Time Does It Take

A turnaround time of two weeks should be expected when you hire a calligrapher for the writing on your invitation cards. The size of the project is the main factor determining the time required. Experienced calligraphers could get booked up fast; so, make sure not to procrastinate the job. You may have to pay a rush fee when you want the cards in a week or so.

Wedding Calligraphy

Choosing a Calligrapher

When choosing a calligrapher, one of the first things to look for is his/her degree in the arts. Check through their certificate and experience in the market before hiring them. Ask for samples to make faster decisions with the style you need. Basic details and a quote can be asked via email once you have selected the best one on your list.

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