Modern wedding calligraphy

Wedding Calligraphy

Maybe it is the romantic feel of traditional love letters. Technology, thank you, has gotten rid of that. But there’s something so inherently romantic about long lines of calligraphy. It’s delicate, intimate and personal, almost like a private invitation to love between the lines, particularly when it is used for weddings.

The modern wedding invitation will show your guests the sophistication and elegance you expect from your big day. This design will appeal to any groom and bride looking for timeless, elegant wedding invitations. The luxuriously thick card is textured and features flowing calligraphy fonts and gold foil to add luxury and class.

A beautiful way to personalize your wedding is to handwrite script. This includes your invites and save-the dates. Calligraphy gives your ceremony a luxurious, sophisticated feel. You can also use beautiful calligraphy to decorate the wedding program, menus, and escort card.

Beautiful Calligraphy Invitations

Calligraphy can be used on almost any material. You can use acrylic sheets, cacti paddles, palm leaves, or other paper to suit the theme of the wedding. Then, add a calligraphic touch and you have a variety of style options. Calligraphy does not have to be written by hand. A laser-cut neon sign or name cake toppers or printed balloons can achieve the same romantic effect.

You can’t ignore the beautiful calligraphy on your invitations. While printed letters may be fun, nothing says romance quite like an elegant scrawl.

Wedding Stationery

A scroll of calligraphy can add romance to your wedding background. It’s a great idea to have your vows printed on these scrolls!

If the words that are trailing your table runners are beautiful, a table runner is all you need for centerpieces on reception tables.
Caligraphy on paper is classic. This place card features a turquoise watercolor background and combines the casual, boho vibe of a table setting with tie dye linens, wood accents and gemstones.
Balloons, playful and fun, are becoming more popular in weddings. A few letters can add an extra spark of humor to the balloons.
Laser-cut signs are a unique way to give a new look to wooden signs.

Wedding Invitations

You have the opportunity to combine your dream set of stationery. You can choose from custom illustrations, calligraphy or print elements. There is no limit to what you can do. Your ideal day is our goal. Create the ideal moodboard and create the invitation you desire.

We professionally print your wedding invitations on the cardstock of your choice using a commercial press. This produces crisp text and bold saturated colors.

This invitation is for lovers who wish to create an unforgettable keepsake of calligraphy, art and excitement for their big day.
Combining shimmering stocks with soft colours and textural elements, this combination creates luxurious designs. This is the perfect choice for destination weddings, sunlit ceremonies and romantic tones. This invitation is the perfect way to instill a feeling of excitement, wonder and love. Calligraphy letters printed on hand-written stock in neutrals, to recall destination holidays.
Perfect invitation design for calligraphy enthusiasts. This signature piece is sure to tell the love story. This invitation can be used as your personal story and the back to display your wedding details. Imagine an invitation that is more than just an announcement. It captures your true love and will be cherished by your guests forever.

Our clients

There is nothing more memorable than inviting your guests to sit at their table in hand-written calligraphy. They will create their very own piece of artwork in their name. A table is complete with chic, elegant stationery that harmonises your styling, flowers, and mood.

You can adapt calligraphy to fit all your needs, including menus, place cards and large-scale signage.