Watercolor Calligraphy: The Essentials

You know me well enough to know I love watercolor. You can create completely original effects with watercolor. It is free and expressive. Brush lettering is my favourite hobby, because it’s easy to learn and completely addictive. You know what is even more cool than any of this? They can be used together. Both of […]

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Modern wedding calligraphy

Wedding Calligraphy Maybe it is the romantic feel of traditional love letters. Technology, thank you, has gotten rid of that. But there’s something so inherently romantic about long lines of calligraphy. It’s delicate, intimate and personal, almost like a private invitation to love between the lines, particularly when it is used for weddings. The modern […]

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Wedding Calligraphy

Your Guide to Wedding Calligraphy

Handwritten calligraphy will have a massive impact on the overall mood of the wedding. The special day in your life needs to keep all the elements together to raise the excitement to a whole new level. Everything has a crucial role in setting up the perfect milieu for the day’s events. Your responsibilities begin right […]

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